Harrogate Steel

HS 2

I've always noticed those big construction sites with huge steel frames - watching a metal skeleton turn into a supermarket or an office is impressive stuff. This filming project was a chance to learn how these buildings happen, from design, fabrication and installation.

Harrogate Steel wanted a film for their website and to showcase their work on their social media channels. They wanted to show how they could oversee the whole process for the clients. The brief was clear; how could we make them stand out?

Filming started at their offices and factory, located in the beautiful North Yorkshire countryside. After a cup of (Yorkshire) tea and a chat through the brief, we got down to business. First up for me - all the PPE so I could go into the workshop.

The team were great, literally making sparks fly. The steel they were working on would form part of a big out-of-town industrial site. After demonstrating all the processes in the workshop (multiple times, so I could film from every angle) I then went onto film their design process.

To follow the story of the steel, I filmed on site too. It was a beautiful sunny day, with clouds racing across the horizon - perfect conditions for pointing the camera up into the sky to show-off the buildings from below.

There were four buildings under construction with cranes moving the steel frames into place. To really get the scale of the project, we commissioned Kurnia Aerial Photography to get drone footage.

Harrogate Steel were really pleased with the final film and despite lockdown, we've got more projects in the pipeline together.