Bianca + Craig

IMG 4146

It's often been said videographers and photographers should 'never shoot a friend's wedding'... But over a bottle of red a few months ago, Bianca and Craig confessed they hadn't actually got a photographer for their big day. Perhaps unwisely, even though I was so excited to be a guest, I thought, hey, what could go wrong?!

READER: I loved it! There were so many things I got to see as a photographer that you would miss as a guest. The day started in a salon and the bridesmaids had laid on a huge picnic basket of pre-wedding snacks. And I knew all the gang, so it was a really nice atmosphere.

Craig was getting ready at home, so I dashed back to get a few pictures of last minute speech preperation and outfit changes.

Bianca walked to her own wedding down the canal. She walked down with her brother and her niece, who were all busy laughing at me as I tried to run backwards to get as many pics as possible.

The church service was perfect, with a lovely reading from their niece Lilly about the science of love (SPOILER ALERT: Bi is a mega cool scientist). They walked out of the church underneath blades (what muggles like me would call oars).

We then headed to Manchester's Northern Quarter Restaurant. We were supposed to be taking a bus... but it broke down! So everyone, including bride and groom, hopped on the tram into Manchester. This was what Bianca had wanted originally; we we a bit rowdy at this point and the other passengers were a bit puzzled by us suddenly flooding in. (Not entirely sure I bought a ticket... DON'T ARREST ME!)

At the restaurant, I confess, my guest duties became a slightly higher priority than my photographer duties. The food was great, the wine was flowing, and after persauding a French Maitre D in the restaurant next door to let me take a group shot, I hung up my camera, and enjoyed the party. It was a fab experience, but I couldn't have done it if Bianca and Craig weren't so relaxed and enjoying their day. Here's to many more oar-some years! (Sorry... sorry...)